The Campaign for Real Ale Society of British Columbia is an independent, voluntary, consumer organization. Membership is open to all and the society is governed by an unpaid executive elected by the membership.

CAMRA BC was first incorporated in 1985 and is dedicated to the promotion and responsible consumption of natural, craft beers. We support the brewing of traditional styles of beer in the traditional manner, using traditional ingredients. The society promotes naturally brewed live beers of all styles.

CAMRA BC is financed through membership subscriptions and sales of products such as t-shirts and hats. We receive no funding from the brewing industry and none whatsoever from government. We are a not-for-profit society registered in the Province of British Columbia.

CAMRA BC’s Objectives

CAMRA BC’s mission is to act as champion of the consumer in relation to the B.C. and Canadian beer industry. We aim:

  • to encourage the appreciation and production of natural, pure, additive-free ales and lagers in all their traditional styles;
  • to promote the establishment and success of quality brewpubs, neighbourhood pubs and craft breweries in British Columbia;
  • to support quality home brewing; and
  • to encourage the responsible enjoyment of beer and actively support laws and regulations that contribute to that objective.

Membership of CAMRA BC is now over 1300. Branch activities include beer pairing dinners, large and small craft beer events, and education classes. CAMRA BC members are eager to apply their talents and experience to promoting widespread public appreciation of the many “real beers” that have become available in recent years.

Many members are skilled brewers—amateur and professional—and qualified beer judges. They also know how to have year-round fun.

Campaigning: Issues of interest to CAMRA BC – successful and ongoing:

  • Improved competition and choice in the brewing industry.
  • Seeking a fairer tax system for smaller brewers.
  • Seeking fuller information about the beer we drink, such as ingredients labeling.
  • A fundamental reform of licensing law (for example, one license for all breweries).
  • Fighting take-overs and mergers that negatively impact consumers.
  • Encouraging higher standards of pub service.
  • Encouraging brewers to produce a wide range of beer styles such as porter, mild and stout, in addition to their bitters.
  • Encouraging bar owners to trade fairly – to serve a full honest measure.

CAMRA BC is a great society in which to meet people, learn about beer and enjoy its consumption.