CAMRA BC Liquor Reform Advocacy Update

Recently, consumers have had further changes to the liquor pricing model that our province uses, and it’s been devastating to the craft beer community. In order to update all BC members on what’s happened, as well as let you know one of our first steps in attempting to change the situation, we’re posting a letter written by the CAMRA BC advocacy committee. We hope you’ll take a moment to read it, and perhaps send your own version to the BC Liberals who have, yet again, betrayed our fantastic craft beer community.

If you’d like to tell Suzanne Anton what you think of the changes she and her team have made you can send her mail at

Honourable Suzanne Anton
PO BOX 9044 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9E2

She recently claimed that craft beer sales have gone up 40% in the last year. Make sure she knows that it’s no thanks to her.

Here’s our Letter to Suzanne Anton

The CAMRA BC Executive

Banner photo courtesy Granville Liquor Store
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President’s Update #2!

Hello everyone!
This past month a lot of exciting things have been taking place behind the scenes here at CAMRA BC. First and foremost I’m pleased to welcome the opening of CAMRA BC South Okanagan Branch. It’s all thanks to many months of planning and the hard work of Paddy Treavor, President of CAMRA BC Powell River, and Kim Lawton our new President of CAMRA BC South Okanagan, as well as the newly formed SOK executive. If you have any craft-beer loving friends in the Okanagan let them know that they can join in on the CAMRA BC fun. Congratulations on your new branch, South Okanagan!

CAMRA BC held its first summit meeting on Sunday, March 29th at Steamworks Brewpub and it was a roaring success. All branches had a executive representative present for the meeting, and new ideas and strategies were hammered out. We’re getting ready to roll out a new membership system and website, sending Vancouver’s education platform out to other branches and working on some awesome new swag. Thanks to everyone who came out and Steamworks for hosting, I’m very excited to be working with such a great team – the meeting was very inspiring.

On the advocacy front we’ve been puzzling out the new BC Liquor law changes. In early March preliminary guidelines and changes were released, but the promised information release dates of March 20th and April 1st never materialized. We’re still working with a number of politicians and local advocates to find out what will be changing for you the consumer, but the BCLDB hasn’t been forthcoming. Stay posted and if you have any input please do contact us.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to all the AGMs.
It’s time again for all of our beer celebrations to get underway, so here’s to a long summer filled with festivals, events, and good friends.


President Ari Dressler

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CAMRA BC Presidential Update

Hello CAMRA BC Members!

My name is Ari Dressler and I have the honour of being President of CAMRA BC this year. I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know some of the things we’re planning for the coming year. I also plan to write to you all regularly so that you know what’s going on at the BC level.

This past month, Janna Gabrek (VP), Carmen Castrucci (Secretary), Ryan Baker (Treasurer) and I were acclimated into our positions on the CAMRA BC executive. We’re all very excited to be taking over. All four of us are Vancouver based but we’re making sure our outlook is Province-wide. Already we’ve been hearing CAMRA BC members across the province loud and clear, requesting a BC AGM that’s announced well in advance, that is accessible to as many members as possible so we will soon be setting the date for the 2016 AGM and I hope you’ll all be able to come.

I’m really looking forward to this coming year, there’s so many great things in the works already. This year’s executive is dedicated to reaching out to each branch individually supporting and attending to their unique needs. After all, what works for Powell River may not work for Vancouver, and what works for Vancouver might work for Victoria. We want to see each branch grow and come into it’s own to serve their diverse group of members. CAMRA BC has around 1,600 members,  so we’re talking with people in the Tri-Cities, North Shore, the Okanagan and more to see if there’s a possibility of opening new branches. After all, there’s so many great craft breweries popping up all over, changing and shaping the drinking habits of British Columbians. CAMRA BC needs to be there promoting, educating, advocating and enjoying! More branches means more members, means more events and a louder voice for the craft beer consumers.

Did you know that your membership card can be used province-wide, not just in the boundaries of your home branch? As we steadily improve our websites, you’ll be able to see just exactly where your card can benefit you. It even works in Alberta and in the UK where CAMRA began!

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to better serve the community I love, and I’m keen to speak with as many members as I can directly. If you have any questions, complaints, accolades, please feel free to contact me at or in person I’d be happy to listen.

Cheers to a great year for all CAMRA BC members!


President Ari

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