CAMRA South Fraser AGM Information

Tomorrow is an important day for CAMRA BC, in particular, for our South Fraser membership.

Recovering and positioning ourselves to effectively resume branch operations within the South Fraser branch has been a tremendous amount of work, but our BC Vice President Janna Gabrek has done an exemplary job of seeing it to fruition! With that in mind, the AGM is tomorrow, and we hope that a great number of you are planning to be in attendance!

Nominations for South Fraser Executive positions were closed earlier this week; here are the list of individuals who have been nominated:

President: Kyle Sanker and Terry Hickey
Treasurer: Matthew Griffeth*
Secretary: Melanie Northcott*

*Non-contested candidates will be elected by acclamation.

We all know that this year is crucial for the success of this branch. The other branches and BC proper are committed to assisting the South Fraser team in their relaunch, and any support that they need to hit the ground running. Many Executive members will be in attendance to answer questions, so do not hesitate to introduce yourself and have a conversation!

The AGM will take place on Saturday, April 30, from 2pm-4pm at Central City Brewing in Surrey, next to the Surrey Central Skytrain Station. Please note that while members of all branches are welcome to attend, only those who are registered as a member of the South Fraser branch will be entitled to vote. Any member will be allowed to transfer their membership in person tomorrow at the AGM, but do note that in order to guarantee the transfer is registered in time ahead of the vote, members are encouraged to show up ahead of time.

We are thrilled to advance this forward. See you there!

Jeremy Noonan



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Advocacy Now: Vancouver Liquor Policy, Supporting Silver Valley, and more

Remember previous discussions of a need for greater advocacy efforts?  Here’s what’s on our radar between now and the end of May:


Pop-Up City Hall: Liquor policy and survey: 

The City of Vancouver has announced today their presence at the Nat Bailey Farmer’s Market for what they have titled their “Pop-Up City Hall”, where a number of issues will be discussed: including liquor-related policy review in Vancouver. This takes place on Saturday, April 16 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Additionally, there is a survey the City has opened to the public which you can find on the page linked above.

The survey itself contains undertones that suggest that liquor availability and consumption in general are problematic – a statement most of us are likely to disagree with. Bear in mind that a lot of the changes we believe are truly advantageous and that lend legitimate growth to our scene here aren’t represented in these questions – but you will be presented with a chance to add notes/input at the end of the survey to address these things. When submitting your views, be honest, be thoughtful, but remember that they are less likely be read with any degree of seriousness if it is poorly written or emotionally charged.

While policy isn’t going to be decided at a Farmer’s Market on Saturday, I cannot stress enough the importance of showing up, being heard and presenting your concerns and interests (in a respectful, well-constructed way, of course). A number of our Executive team will be on site to represent our members, and encourage you to join us in being heard.

Public Hearings: 

Maple Ridge:  Silver Valley Brewing  is currently working City of Maple Ridge in an effort to get approval to manufacture beer at the location they’ve been eyeing for some time. The City of Maple Ridge has been supportive of breweries opening in their city, and a solid show up support from local consumers and nearby small businesses alike will go a long way towards moving this forward! Here’s how we can help: On Tuesday, May 17, there will be a public hearing at Maple Ridge City Hall with Council to discuss the matter. This is a great opportunity to speak to the advantages and importance of allowing them to open! I will be on hand to lobby on their behalf, and hope many of you – especially in the Tri Cities – can make it there to stand with these folks as well. The hearing will take place at 7pm, and once the specific room at City Hall is confirmed, we will inform you immediately.

Port Coquitlam:  Though the date has yet to be announced (and please feel free to send me more information if you happen to have it), the City will be holding a public hearing on proposed changes to allow lounges in craft breweries. We fully intend on supporting the craft beer community by attending and advocating on behalf of the area, and showcasing the economic, cultural and extended small business growth that comes by allowing breweries to open and operate in our cities.  More information can be found here

Coquitlam:  The City will be scheduling a new public hearing – after seven months of deliberating on the matter, though a date is still to be determined. Expect CAMRA BC to attend in order to debunk common misconceptions and concerns that typically stand as obstacles to getting municipal approval for breweries to permit. Port Moody has been a tremendous example of how a community thrives by the inclusion of craft manufacturing of alcohol products, and we believe Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam can and should enjoy the same success and economic growth by adopting the same position.
We will update members further as new information is gathered and events proceed. In the meantime, please consider attending the above gatherings and contributing by making yourself seen and heard.


Jeremy Noonan



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South Fraser AGM Information

Earlier this week, we announced the Call for Nominations and AGM event information for the CAMRA BC – South Fraser branch. This is the product of a massive effort to get everything in place to ensure a successful rebuild. The South Fraser region represents an enormous swath of the Lower Mainland, and it is paramount that we equip the branch – and its’ future Executive team – with the support and resources it needs to properly support its’ community.

Our BC Vice President Janna Gabrek has gone above and beyond to organize this – please take a moment when you see her next to thank her for championing this project!

The AGM will take place on Saturday, April 30, from 2pm-4pm at Central City Brewing in Surrey. Nominations for all board positions are open, and can be sent to Janna at  . Note that nominations will be accepted until midnight on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. You must hold an active membership in order to be able to vote.

Many CAMRA Executive members will be present to speak with members, answer questions and help get the new SF Executive setup in their roles. I encourage you to approach any of us, introduce yourself and have your comments and questions heard!
A few establishments south of the river have asked for media that they can share, print and post in their businesses to promote the AGM and help cultivate interest. Our Vancouver Communications Director Ashley Begg has created a poster for this very purpose, which you can share on social media, print copies of and put up around town (we ask that you obtain permission from establishments before putting these up in their places of business).

Your input and support are invaluable, and I highly encourage you to attend. This is your South Fraser branch, and your community.

See you there!
Jeremy Noonan

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